I'm already back in Denmark... so here you go guys 🙈 Behind the scenes ♥️

Have a nice weekend ☀️
I am shooting every day this week! And here you go ✌🏼️ Behind the scenes in red lingerie ♥️♥️

TWO photos!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
In 2 days I'll be on my way to Bahamas!!!! 😍
3 photos for you today 😁♥️ Have a nice weekend and see you again in 3 days #Mandagsbooty 😎👌🏼
Det er jo mandag ✌🏼️😁
Vi kom lidt længere med min kalender for 2017, i dag ✌🏼️

Sandra Samantha #WhoTheFuck Calendar part || ♥️

Snapchat: Sandrasam-Dk
Instagram: Sandrasamanthadenmark
Så blev det mandag 😎
2. Shoot i dag til min kalender!

Fotografen er som altid Lasse Lagoni! Lasselagoni.com @lagoni #mandagsbooty ❤️
Beklager forsinkelsen ❤️❤️❤️